Buy the SL Pillory RLv Scold’s Bridle at the Second Life Marketplace

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before attempting to customize your SL Pillory purchases, PLEASE make a copy of them first (right-click on the item and select Copy, then right-click again and select Paste), and be sure to rename your original so you know which version NOT to modify. SL Pillory will NOT replace items due to owners modifying the originals!

Since 2007 SL Pillory has catered to gag lovers across Second Life. The new generation of SL Pillory gags is designed to fulfill all the wishes of virtual kinksters with more features than ever.

First of all, if you own an SL Pillory RLv Muffler, please attach it before attaching this gag. Doing so will cause the Muffler to automatically detect the gag’s presence and configure the Muffler settings accordingly. Click on the gag after you’re wearing it to access its menu.


The Restrained Love viewer (commonly abbreviated as RLv) enhances the Second Life experience in a number of ways, including making attachments “lockable” so you can’t detach them. In order to use Restrained Love you will either need to download the native Restrained Love viewer or find a third-party viewer that includes support for Restrained Love.

Because RLv is now somewhat common for the kink community on Second Life, support for RLv is turned on by default. If your bridle is sending messages to the chat starting with an @ sign, you’ll need to turn RLv off in the menu.


RLv Settings: You can turn RLv support on and off through this menu. If you’re using the SL Pillory RLv Muffler in conjunction with your bridle, you can adjust the Muffler’s settings by clicking on the Muffler’s HUD. With RLv support on, whenever your bridle is locked on you, you will not be able to detach it without using your safeword.

Shock (requires SL Pillory RLv Muffler): Like the penalty time of the Timelock, if shock is turned on then you’ll receive a short electric shock for speaking in the main chat channel while bridled. As with the Timelock’s penalty time, this won’t trigger if you’re using the SL Pillory RLv Muffler with Automuffle turned on.

Bridle Look: This menu lets you change the appearance of the bridle.

Colour lets you quickly change the bridle’s colour to one of eleven presets.

Tint lets you fine-tune the bridle’s colour by adding and removing red, green, and blue to the bridle, as well as lightening and darkening it. You can set the bridle to one of a possible 1,000 colours this way.

Shininess lets you pick between four different levels of reflectivity for the bridle.

Default restores the bridleto its initial appearance. (Silver, medium shininess.)

Access: This menu lets you control who can access your bridle and do things like change its colors and lock it on you..

Public allows anyone within 20 metres of you to access your bridle. Needless to say, be cautious when using this option.

Owners Only (or O. Only) only lets those avatars you’ve selected (up to 10) to access your bridle. This is the default option. Add Owners and Delete Owners (or Del Owners) let you add and remove avatars to your owners “list.” Note that you must be standing within 20 metres of an avatar to add it to the list. (You can remove owners from anywhere.)

Private sets the bridle so only you can access it.

Lock and Timelock: These commands allow the bridle to be locked on you. (Only others can access the plain Lock option.) When a bridle is locked on you, you won’t be able to change its setting, and you won’t be able to detach it without sending an IM to whomever locked it on you that you detached it. If you’re using RLv then you won’t be able to detach a locked bridle without loading up a non-RLv compatible viewer. If you must detach a bridle due to an emergency, it’s recommended you use the bridle’s Safeword (see below).

Timelock allows you or others to lock the bridle on you for a set period of time, after which it automatically unlocks. In addition to setting an initial period of locking time, you can also set a penalty time to be added to the timelock whenever you speak in the main chat channel while bridled. (If you’re using the SL Pillory RLv Muffler and have Automuffle turned on, you won’t trigger the penalty time because all your chat will automatically be sent to the Muffler’s channel.) Emotes (chat commands starting with “/me”) don’t count as speaking in the main chat channel. You can check how long a timelock is set to last by clicking on the bridle. If someone else timelocked a bridle on you, that person can end the timelock at any time by using the Lock menu to unlock the bridle.

(Note that due to a Second Life phenomenon known as Time Dilation, a bridle’s timelock will always last a bit longer than the same amount of time passing in real life. Plan accordingly when setting a timelock.)

Manual: Clicking this lets you load this page in your browser to check the bridle’s instructions.

Detach: This command lets you detach the bridle from the bridle’s menu (unless it’s locked on you).

Safeword (only available when bridle is locked on): This lets you detach a locked bridle if there is an emergency. Whether you use this option, or detach the locked bridle through your inventory, you will send an IM to the person who locked your bridle on you, but if you use Safeword then the message will reflect that.


As with many things in Second Life, this bridle may not provide a perfect visual fit for non-standard avatar sizes. If you wish to resize and/or reposition your bridle, please make a copy of the bridle in your inventory and rename the original, and make sure to never change the original! Otherwise, changing the bridle’s size and position is similar to changing the size and position of hair, and all the same rules apply: Try to use a posing stand, try to avoid unlinking objects whenever possible, and remember to re-centre the bridle after you stretch it out. After using SL’s Edit commands on your bridle, you will need to detach and reattach it to get it to work properly. (Resizing the bridle may also erase custom settings such as the Owners list and selected colours.)


Send an IM to Apryl Beaumont in-world if you need help with your bridle or have any comments or suggestions about the bridle.